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Smoking pipes

10 cm Arrow Pipe

8.1 EUR
ARROW is a tube for all occasions. A classic of the genre, which fits comfortably in any pocket and is easy to clean.

10 cm Frosted Pipe

10.5 EUR
FROSTED - the tube made of grated borosilicate glass fits very tightly to the hand and does not slide at all. The tube is easy to use and fits into any pocket. t

10 cm Gradient Pipe

10.5 EUR
GRADIENT - tubes that fascinate your eyes. Juicy, bright and beautiful.

12 cm Luminous Pipe

10.5 EUR
LUMINOUS is a tube that will amaze you with its functionality not only during the day, but also in total absence of light. The outer walls are covered with a luminous coating, which gives the tube a color at night. Quality and style.

15 cm Dab Pen Pipe

13.5 EUR
DAB PEN is a convenient thing for home use when you do not have DAB Bong (concentrate bong). The kit also includes a thick saucer for placing the extract on it. Principle of operation: 1. put the concentrate on the saucer 2. The narrow end of the tube is heated with a lighter. 3. bring the heated end of the tube to the concentrate 4. inflate the evaporation product


Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are surely the quickest and easiest way to smoke your tobacco, herbs or concentrates. Simply load the bowl, take out a lighter or torch and enjoy.

Here at SeedsGear, we have a huge selection of smoking pipes in a variety of different styles including steamroller pipes, spoon pipes, glass pipes. The full range includes acrylic smoking pipes and ornate wooden pipes of various styles. Get yourself a shiny new hand pipe at the best price today from SeedsGear.