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15 cm Horn Bubbler

29.9 EUR
HORN - a convenient form of the bubbler gives it a smooth use and consumption of the product. The presence of Drum percolator makes the process of consumption most useful for your health. Also, the owner can pick up a custom bowl for this handsome man to look even more defiant and ergonomic. If you want to feel something new, this device is for you.

20 cm Clear Tiny Bubbler

17.9 EUR
CLEAR TINY is our veteran, which serves all its owners for a long time and with great benefit. The small and compact form allows you to store this bubbler away from the eyes of outsiders, and the presence of a tree percolator (6-arm percolator) crushes bubbles with smoke as powerful as possible, which allows you to enjoy the quality of the product. And for experienced connoisseurs of cannabis products, an additional set of bowls with a nail for the use of concentrates is included in the set to the bubbler.

25 cm Kettle Bubbler

35.8 EUR
KETTLE - kettle-like bubbler will be perfect for tea ceremonies in any company. The bubbler lies comfortably in the hand, the bowl is easy to change, the Circ percolator crushes the smoke and cleans it effectively and qualitatively. At the output you get a pleasant, filtered and quality product. Bubbler is also very stable and compact in use, so you will enjoy everything.