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22 cm High Tap Bong

32.9 EUR
"HIGH TAP is a favorite of our audience, which has proved to be a reliable, stable and durable bong. Despite its small size, the bong performs its function of maximum quality, and the presence of a percolator like Dome filters the smoke from harmful products of combustion. A bowl of bong inside has a ready-made glass mesh, which allows you not to spend money on metal meshes and not to place them inside. The bong is compact and durable. Price - quality.

24 cm Sector Bong

52.3 EUR
Sector is a compact bong that lies comfortably in the hand and pleases its owner with the most purified smoke using Matrix percolators and 3xTornado Disk. The color of the bong will delight the eye, and the quality of the product will delight your lungs.

25 cm Classic Bong

20.9 EUR
"CLASSIC - classic transparent small bong will be useful in everyday life for absolutely any user. Diffusers on the grate qualitatively break the smoke, fluttering it through the water, and in a handy arc-shaped ice-holder you can throw a little crushed ice. Masthaf, friends. Masthaph.

25cm One Shot Bong

47.7 EUR
ONE SHOT is the most compact and convenient device. The shape gives the bong stability, the compact size fits it into any nightstand and makes it easy to clean, the presence of a good Honeycomb jet percolator gives the smoke quality and smoothness at the entrance. Nelse does not note the skillfully inflated ball inside the bong shaft, which acts as an extinguisher. By the true skillful work of glassblowers.

26cm Gradient Bong

29.7 EUR
GRADIENT BONG - attracts the views of all 420 culture lovers, and not only :) Due to its unusually gradient color, bong shimmer in flowers at any angle to look at it. The classic shape of the base of beaker gives the bong an aesthetic look, and the location inside the ice-holder will brighten up and saturate the smoke with a pleasant coolness. Take a look at your reflection and love yourself for who you are.

26cm Space Station Bong

71.7 EUR
"SPACE STATION - will amaze with its functionality of any aesthete and like high quality effect. Water is circulated in almost every department of this bong, which makes it similar to Recycle type devices. With the help of circulation, by the way, the smoke cools down perfectly and brings light freshness and coolness to the moonlight. The presence of a custom percoalator clears the smoke from the products of combustion, and the unusual shape gives refinement to this bong. It is better to try this "Space Station" alive than to admire it from a picture, because it accurately transports you to a parallel universe :)

27cm Luminous dream Bong

35.7 EUR
LUMINOUS DREAM is a bong with a twist in the form of a skilfully wound 3D luminescent print around the mine and the flask. The brightness of the print is off the charts, the effect of the print makes you feel this bong tactfully and enjoy the quality of work done by the masters of glass blowers. In the dark, the bong is completely glowing, lighting your way to the clogged cup. The comfortable Beaker shape will stand on any surface without any problems and will be as stable as possible on it. The presence of diffusers on the resin will help to clear the smoke from the products of burning "tea" as much as possible. Functionality and aesthetics, what else do you need for happiness?

28cm Recyclear Yula Bong

67.3 EUR
RECYCLER YULA is an aesthetic bong that will delight you with its appearance and functionality. Watching the water flowing smoothly from one pipe chamber to another during use, you will already sink into a "haii" state. The smoke is filtered through the Drum percolator. This will give a pleasant sensation during your tea ceremonies.

30cm Freezy Green Bong

68.7 EUR
FREEZY GREEN is an optimal bong for the stoner, which is important for its functionality and quality smoke cooling. The bong is stable, low, comfortable to lie on any surface as well as in your hand. The bong is equipped with a collapsible shaft with glycerin liquid, which can be removed in one touch, put into the freezer, and in 40 minutes you can enjoy quality cooling in your lungs. Diffusers on the grate will try to make sure that the smoke is also of high quality and purified.

31 cm Clear Glass Bong

32.9 EUR
"CLEAR GLASS is an immortal classic of the genre, which will please absolutely any connoisseur of culture 420. Resistant flask in the form of beaker will prevent bong from staggering, and the moderate height of the mine will be filled with dense smoke. The unique shape of ice-holder will fit several ice cubes, which will saturate your smoke with freshness and coolness.

31cm Golographic arrow Bong

44.7 EUR
GOLOGRAPHIC ARROW - shimmering with bright colors and glitter in the light of bong, will give the owner happiness and joy in his eyes. Inside it there is also a very unusual element that we have never seen before - it is luminous sand, which is illuminated in the dark and indicates the complexity and aesthetics of this device. Also, this element is equipped with a FishHook percolator and an ice-holder to cool the smoke. A few ice cubes will not hurt to achieve the make-up effect.