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10 cm Arrow Pipe

8.1 EUR
ARROW is a tube for all occasions. A classic of the genre, which fits comfortably in any pocket and is easy to clean.

10 cm Frosted Pipe

10.5 EUR
FROSTED - the tube made of grated borosilicate glass fits very tightly to the hand and does not slide at all. The tube is easy to use and fits into any pocket. t

10 cm Gradient Pipe

10.5 EUR
GRADIENT - tubes that fascinate your eyes. Juicy, bright and beautiful.

12 cm Luminous Pipe

10.5 EUR
LUMINOUS is a tube that will amaze you with its functionality not only during the day, but also in total absence of light. The outer walls are covered with a luminous coating, which gives the tube a color at night. Quality and style.

15 cm Dab Pen Pipe

13.5 EUR
DAB PEN is a convenient thing for home use when you do not have DAB Bong (concentrate bong). The kit also includes a thick saucer for placing the extract on it. Principle of operation: 1. put the concentrate on the saucer 2. The narrow end of the tube is heated with a lighter. 3. bring the heated end of the tube to the concentrate 4. inflate the evaporation product

15 cm Horn Bubbler

29.9 EUR
HORN - a convenient form of the bubbler gives it a smooth use and consumption of the product. The presence of Drum percolator makes the process of consumption most useful for your health. Also, the owner can pick up a custom bowl for this handsome man to look even more defiant and ergonomic. If you want to feel something new, this device is for you.

20 cm Clear Tiny Bubbler

17.9 EUR
CLEAR TINY is our veteran, which serves all its owners for a long time and with great benefit. The small and compact form allows you to store this bubbler away from the eyes of outsiders, and the presence of a tree percolator (6-arm percolator) crushes bubbles with smoke as powerful as possible, which allows you to enjoy the quality of the product. And for experienced connoisseurs of cannabis products, an additional set of bowls with a nail for the use of concentrates is included in the set to the bubbler.

22 cm High Tap Bong

32.9 EUR
"HIGH TAP is a favorite of our audience, which has proved to be a reliable, stable and durable bong. Despite its small size, the bong performs its function of maximum quality, and the presence of a percolator like Dome filters the smoke from harmful products of combustion. A bowl of bong inside has a ready-made glass mesh, which allows you not to spend money on metal meshes and not to place them inside. The bong is compact and durable. Price - quality.

24 cm Sector Bong

52.3 EUR
Sector is a compact bong that lies comfortably in the hand and pleases its owner with the most purified smoke using Matrix percolators and 3xTornado Disk. The color of the bong will delight the eye, and the quality of the product will delight your lungs.