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Harmony CBD Cartridge 1ml – Moroccan Mint 100 mg

25.0 EUR
Pre-filled with Terpene inspired flavours, some of Harmony's best selling terpene infused e liquid flavours now available in a 1ml disposable cartridge for Harmony's CBD Pen. These are great for those just getting started into the world of CBD. Providing plug and play simplicity at the most affordable price.

Harmony Pen Vaporizer Battery & Charger

15.8 EUR
The Harmony CBD Pen is the best route for those of you looking to get started in the world of CBD! This is the most affordable CBD vape pen ever launched and delivers the best quality flavours there is to offer. If you’re still on the cigarettes or even smoking cannabis and are looking to start vaping, the Harmony CBD Pen is the perfect starter kit for you. Just plug and play, it's as simple as that!